Taiwan 2011January 27, 2011

Sorry for being so MIA the past month, I will try and blog regularly as soon as I am over this crazy jet lag!  So where have I been the past 4 weeks? In Taiwan with my family 🙂  This trip was extra special because Tim and my brother were able to join me.  I took SO many photos this time, but here are a few highlights.

You can’t visit Taiwan and not want to eat all the delicious foods.  I think I can easily fill up this entire post with food photos, but that’s just mean.

Danshui at sunset

Danshui in the day

We took a quick trip away from the city to visit Mingchi Forest Park

Here we are at Taipingshan National Park

One last shot of Taipei 101

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  1. We’ve never been to Taiwan… would love to visit one of these days!

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