Hollywood Children Portraits | SydneyMay 6, 2009

Now…at shooting guard, wearing number 34, out of the University of North Carolina, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, at 7ft, 20″…Sydney Anne “Syd”.  That was the  announcement from Syd’s proud Dad when she was born on April 24th.  Following tradition, I photographed Syd at 7 days old like I did with her older brother Ben.  The resemblance between Ben and Syd is amazing, they look practically like twins!

Today is also the perfect day for this post because it is the new Mom’s birthday!  Happy birthday Andrea!



We got a little smile here!




Here is the beautiful family (minus 1 dog).  Don’t they look great for having 2 kids under 2 and 2 dogs?


I wanted to share a photo of big brother Ben at 7 days old to show you the resemblance.  They grow up too fast!


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  1. I love the one on the grass. So cute. I can’t even remember Mackenzie at that age…

  2. I love your work Alice. I don’t think I’ve posted a comment before but I’ve been a fan for many months now. I also love the one on the grass. Very creative, and nice bokeh of the flowers in the background.

  3. Awww, I miss them!! I’m so glad you take beautiful pics of them so I can see them!

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