St. Thomas + St. John, USVIMay 30, 2011

Wow, what a trip! In the past 13 days, I was at 5 airports, 2 islands, and 5 states. A little bit tired and jet-lagged, but experiences like this doen’t come by very often.

Serena and I headed down to St. Thomas and St. John for a beautiful island wedding on St. John’s Trunk Bay. We were able to stay on St. Thomas for a few days to check out the beautiful island. Here are some images from St. Thomas.

We stayed at the beautiful Bolongo Bay Resort in St. Thomas.  Since we got in pretty late, this was all we could see…

We took a little island tour around St. Thomas on the only sunny day the entire week.  This was the only time we saw blue skies!

Walking around St. Thomas was amazing.  The architecture and people were fascinating to see.  Everyone on the island was extremely friendly and happy.

After a morning tour of St. Thomas, we headed back to our beautiful hotel at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort.

Here is the Heavenly Days Catamaran we took for the sunset cruise.

Next, we headed to St. John for Ming and Travis’ beautiful wedding.  Here’s a shot while I was on the ferry to St. John.  It was about 7:30am when this was taken.

Seeing St. John for the first time on the ferry.

We had a day to just relax and chill by the beautiful beach.  The beach was beautiful even with the grey skies.

Last one…from the plane.  Off to NY, Connecticut, and Boston next!

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