Santa Ynez, Solvang, and Los Olivos on Film | Happy Thanksgiving!November 24, 2010

It’s my favorite time of the year…stretchy pants day!  With so many things to be thankful for,  I’m going to be thankful for 99¢ Store film for this blog post.  Tim and I took a trip to Santa Ynez not too long ago and I decided to shoot some more film.  Since it was for fun, I splurged and purchased film from the 99¢ sore!

Windmill at Solvang

Clairmont Farms Lavender in Santa Ynez

Love this photo of Tim

Wine tasting at Avant Tapas & Wines

I had to go to Saarloos & Sons and try a cupcake from Enjoy Cupcakes!

Lastly, here is a sneak peek at Megan and Joel’s love session on film!  I will be posting the full digital and fim images very soon, but here is a taste of what’s to come.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone and be safe if you are traveling!

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  1. these images are gorgeous! you should make more trips to 99c store!;) let’s try to meet up before the yr ends with serena! i owe her a big time! 🙂

  2. These are really stunning photos! Were all of them taken in the Santa Ynez valley? I’ve always known this area was beautiful (I rent vacation homes to people here), but you really cast the valley in an even more incredible light than the average everyday view. Alice, you are a heck of a photographer.

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