Orange County Portraits | Michelle of MilaPhotographyJune 23, 2009

Michelle is the face behind milaPhotography.  Curtis is an international super model waiting to be discovered.  Together- they are just the adorable!  Many of you commented on the new profile photo of Tim and myself on the website.  Michelle was the photographer behind the shot and she worked really hard to get it (THANK YOU).  We took turns around Orange circle photographing each other one day and here are the results from our shoot.

Michelle is a natural in front and behind the camera.



The cutest barber shop- EVER.  Thanks Carlos for letting us play in your shop!




How photogenic is Michelle?


Curtis…you are not so bad yourself 🙂


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  1. They are so freaking cute! Why are we friends with her??!! I kid, I kid!

  2. omg i just laughed out loud and curtis is giving me this “she’s right you know.” look. you know! how’d i nab him?!?!?! that’s the question!

    hey alice i’m taking this post as permission to post up my photos of you. i’ve been waiting coz i didn’t want to jump the gun on your website launch. congratulations again!!!!

  3. love the barbershop ones!!!

  4. the barbershop shots are great!

  5. How fun! I love the barbershot photos 🙂

  6. loves these pictures Alice! Esp the ones at the barber shop! 🙂

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