maui wedding photographer | Gannon’s Wailea | Seawatch RestaurantMay 10, 2010

Ever since Tim and I were married on Maui 3 years ago, it’s been a dream for us to go back.  Since Serena and I had a wedding to photograph together, we got to bring our husbands with us to Maui.

We took a quick trip to the Seawatch Restaurant now known as Gannon’s Wailea to reminisce about our wedding day.

Some advice for anyone thinking about a destination wedding…do it!  We had the most amazing wedding surrounded by only close family and friends.  It was totally stress free and the scenery was magical.  Having an amazing wedding also helped.  Evonne took care of everything, all I had to do was show up 🙂

Also a quick shout out to Dan Sanchez and Jessica Waite who did my hair and makeup on Maui.  It was so nice to work with them again on this trip.  Wait until you see that blog post!

Our wedding photo by Gordon Nash followed by shots we took on our visit.

The image below is of the lower lawn.  We had our wedding reception right here!

The Seawatch Restaurant
100 Wailea Golf Club Dr
Wailea, HI 96753

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  1. Dave Guenther { May 14, 2010 } Reply

    Dear Special Agent Yee-hu,

    Hawaii IS an awesome place for a wedding. I went there my first time in Oct 2005 where a buddy of mine got married. Beautiful wedding. So is that your original dress? The pictures look great, as do you both!


  2. So gorgeous and inspiring. You definitely need to shoot there more. It is so lovely!

  3. oooh….i love your dress!

  4. Pictures are clear and lively, Nice indeed !!!

    It is beyond imagination to blv that any place can be so less disturbed by human intervention to loose its natural beauty.

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