Laguna Beach Trash the Dress | Encore Session | Caroline + Mike |August 5, 2009

It was a hot and humid Sunday as I pulled up to an empty parking lot to met up with Caroline and Mike.  Caroline looked extra beautiful thanks to Lisa from Makeup by Lisa P.  After we gathered all the accessories, equipment, and water, we took a little hike up the hills of Irvine.  Yes, I said a little hike, but it felt more like a 10 mile hike in the heat.  Thanks Caroline and Mike for braving the weather, bugs, and dirt with us!












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  1. she is stunning alice! love the running shot and the 2nd to last!

  2. Alice these are beautiful! Well done! I absolutely love this last shot and the shot of her laying on the wall! Fantastic 🙂

  3. Beautiful work! Whoa to the 3rd one from bottom. She looks like a porcelain doll. Gorgeous!

  4. oh wow! Thank you Alice! These are stunning! How can we buy the prints?

  5. beautiful! each one is better than the next – I know ive said this before but i love how you use light – and the photos all flow so well together – beautiful work!!!

  6. These are stunning. I love the photo numbered 2. Beautiful! (:

  7. I gotta say, that 1st shot is to die for!!! And the action shot in your teaser, WOW that is so cool…


  8. Wow- Gorgeous photos. Let me know how to buy a shot of my beautiful sister.

  9. These look fantastic!

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